Are you a sponsor company struggling to effectively manage your IRT Service providers or are you an IRT Service provider looking for expert advice from the sponsor company community?

Specialising in the area of Interactive Response Technology (IRT/IVRS/IWRS/IXRS) within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, Clinical Technology Consultants Ltd provide expert advice and guidance on best practices for designing and testing of IRT systems, the potential uptake of innovative technology solutions and successful partnering with companies providing services in the IRT arena.

Support for Sponsor Companies

Although randomisation of subjects and effective management of drug supplies is a critical part in the drug development process, most small to medium sponsor companies (and some big pharma) have little or no internal expertise in this area.  Project managers and Clinical Supplies managers often find it hard to make sense of the maze of technical documentation presented to them by their service providers. 

Sponsor companies find themselves unable to leverage optimised internal processes since their study teams work in isolation from one another and each manages their IRT systems and service providers the best they can. Lessons fail to be learned, best practices are not established and relationships with partner companies falter.

Support for IRT Service Providers

IRT Service providers often find themselves unable to effectively and efficiently deliver services to sponsor companies due to a lack of expert resource on the client side. The technology may not be optimally adopted and the client/service provider relationship may therefore fail to thrive.