Support for IRT Service Providers

IRT Service Providers often find themselves unable to effectively and efficiently deliver services to sponsor companies due to a lack of expert resource on the client side.  The technology may not be optimally adopted and the client/service provider may therefore fail to thrive.

We, at Clinical Technology Consultants, offer help through a range of consultancy services including those in the following areas:

  • Placement of Clinical Technology Consultants as an additional level of support for clients who would otherwise be unable to receive IRT services effectively, due to a lack of internal expertise experience with IRT systems

  • Expertise in evaluation of clients’ existing SOPs and processes and in aligning those with their IRT needs

  • Provision of expert advice with regards to needs within the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industries for new and developing technologies, with a specific focus on day to day practices at clinical sites and within R&D departments of sponsor companies.

  • Authoring of UAT scripts that fully meet the sponsors’ obligations and provision of on-site support for the teams running those UAT scripts to ensure they fully understand the significance of any apparent bugs or issues.